What about unit tests


It is for sure, a tendency. You will still hear a lot about unit tests and TDD.
You want to be sure your new changes have not broken down any other thing you knew was working? So, unit tests is your answer.
Some advantages:

  • Find problems before releasing your code
  • Run many test for each part of your project
  • You don't need to remember each test to redo
  • Find problems your new code may have caused anywhere else
  • This project is open source, under MIT license

Why jfUnit?


Yes, you will find out there many others libraries to implement unit tests in your code, and some for your Javascript, too.
Why, then, to use jfUnit?

  • It does NOT require any other library or CSS file
  • You don't need to prepare any HTML, simply importing the library itself is enough
  • You can run your tests whenever you want, even from your console, if you prefer
  • You may add your tests straight in your libraries, or separate them in specific files, as you wish
  • You can simulate the user interaction, such as navigating through menus or filling forms
  • Writing your tests is REALLY easier