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Felipe N Moura - Web developer, speaker, trainer and addicted

Here you will find some information about me, both professionally and personally.

JavaScript and Front End developer and enthusiast.

Open Source projects taught me a lot, and inspired me to start projects from my own.

I am graduated at Senac/RS, a technician from CTT Maxwell, Project Manager by PMTech and have some different specialization courses.
Actually, I have worked on McDonalds, was an alxiliar of a baker, worked on a super market, on a warehouse...but it doesn't really matter now :p

An advice?
Do it because you love it, use, contribute and create Open Source projects and be passionate to learning!
I work with web development for almost a decade, and nowadays I work at Terra as a Senior Development Analyst.

Also, I love giving talks in conferences and enjoy giving trainings(I enjoy being an attendee, too!).

Among my projects, you can find Power-polygon, theWebMind, Botaoteca, PHPDevBar and of course, I am an organizer of the RSJS and BrazilJS Conference, the first Brazilian JavaScript Conference, also, the biggest one in Latin America, and one of the biggest in the world!
With the same name, the BrazilJS Foundation.

Changing the world is the least I expect from myself

Short bio
Felipe works with web development for almost a decade, also giving talks and trainings. Works nowadays at Terra as a Senior Development Analyst.
He is an organiser of BrazilJS Conference, the Brazilian JavaScript Conference, and the RSJS, a regional conference.
Also, a co-founder of the BrazilJS Foundation.
Felipe has contributed to some Open Source projects as well as started some others, like Power-polygon, theWebMind and PHPDevBar.

Get in touch
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Conference / Community
BrazilJS Conference and Foundation
The Brazilian JavaScript conference.
I am the founder, altogether with Jaydson, of the BrazilJS Conference.
It would be a JSConfBR, but we united forces with Cristiano Milfont, who convinced us to change the name to BrazilJS.
Nowadays, BrazilJS is the biggest Latin America JS conference, being one of the biggest in the world.

After BrazilJS Conference's success, many smaller, regional conferences were organized, and to help the community to keep the good work, BrazilJS Foundation was born!
Brazil-JS Foundation Project Brazil-JS Conference Project
Power Polygon
Power Polygon (github) is the definitive Presentation tool for presentations and talks in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, besides any web technology.

With Power Plygon, you can create and give talks easily using many tools it offers, such as:
  • Multi-lingual presentations
  • Profile your talk
  • Many themes and transitions
  • Custom animations and actions
  • Plugin supports(syntax highlight, social streams, charts...)
  • Remote control
  • Easy to create and use
  • Many tools(serach, print, thumbs, etc...)
Power Polygon Project Power Polygon Project logo
Remote Control
A complement to Power Polygon, the remote control uses Node.js to initialize the remote control to be used in your cell phone or tablet.
You can enable it in your talk, or people in your audience can enable it as well, so you can control the slides, draw in your presentation, focus on specific areas, read slide notes..., also using touch gestures.

Rooted is a demo/tool I created a couple years ago to show the power of 3D on CSS3.
With this tool, you can build 3D models using HTML elements by just adjusting its CSS properties.
TheWebMind is an Open Source project, able to understand high level languages to treat humam problems related to relational structures and create an inteligent base with that.

It may be ported to understand and learn different idioms and understands statements like this:

"We know that every teacher have many students, and each student may have one or many teachers. Also, both teacher and student have name:varchar, age:integer and sex:char."

With that, theWebMind can give you an ER diagram, Data Dictionary, documentation, SQL, DQL and DDL for different databases, and even source code for classes and frameworks for different languages.
theWebMind Project Power Polygon Project
PHPDevBar is an Addon for Firefox.
Stop searching at PHP.net to simply remember some function signature. With this addon you can search functions quickly for the official function description directly into your browser without a new tab.

Besides that, there are useful tools and links to help PHP Developers to make their job easier or faster!
PHPDevBar Project PHPDevBar Project
ChromaKey JS
The Chroma Key with JavaScript demo was a live coding talk Felipe gave at the W3C's WebBR2012 conference.
The JavaScript source was created in one hour, with 100 lines of code.

With chroma key, you can remove pixels similar to a given color from a scene...it has been vastly used in movies and tv ads.

This demo uses getUserMedia, canvas and video to apply the effect. Check the code or fork it at Felipe's github project.
ChromaKey with JavaScript Demo
HTML5 Imager
HTML5 Imager is a demo, or tool I created in one weekend to show you how simple it is to create some really cool things with few lines of code, just by using cool Open Web Technologies :)

This tool uses canvas, web workers and file API.
HTML5 Imager - Demo


I can give a talk in your conference about many different technologies and motivation.
Get in touch and let's talk about it ;)

In-company Training

I can give trainings incompany. My schedule is better fit as this:
8 hours:
Staurday, full day.
16 hours:
two Staurdays, full day.
16 hours(out of Porto Alegre):
Friday and Staurday, full day(must negotiate dates).
16 hours(in Porto Alegre, only):
From Monday to Thursday, 4 hours at night.

Trainings about: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Logic...


FrontInAracaju – Mais um evento fantástico no nordeste Brasileiro

Aug, 09th - 2014

Este mês, participei do FrontInAracaju.
Baita evento, organizado pelo Italo Waxman e Júlio Cézar, que fizeram um excelente trabalho!

Eles estão de parabéns, juntamente com todo o pessoal que se esforçou para ajudar a acontecer este evento.

As palestras foram muito boas, e o ambiente era muito descontraído, além de um paraíso tropical.

O Formato

O formato do evento ficou muito bom.
Quando ouvi pela primeira vez que haveriam um “talk show” antes de cada palestra, eu achei que o evento atrasaria bastante, mas não, pelo contrário, não só o evento correu como o planejado, como ajudou a relaxar e preparar os palestrantes antes de iniciarem suas palestras, e os introduziu ao público de uma forma muito mais divertida.
De fato, curtimos tanto o formato, que estamos pensando seriamente em aplica-lo à BrazilJS 2014 :)

A Banda

Outra idéia fantástica, foi o uso de uma banda para tocar a musica escolhida pelo palestrante, logo antes de sua palestra. Além de ocuparem o “vácuo” entre talks, ainda fizeram um show bala, regado a muito heavy metal e rock ‘n’ roll, no final da conferência.

Concluindo, fica aqui os meus parabéns pra galera que organizou, o meu agradecimento à galera que participou e um “até daqui a pouco” ao pessoal que estará na BrazilJS daqui alguns dias!


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